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Applying for funding

BISEE Books invites funding applications from NGOs both in mainland Ecuador, where we have been working with local organisations to promote reading and literacy and improve opportunities for children in disadvantaged communities since 2009, and now from other regions of the world.


BISEE Books accepts funding applications from NGOs for projects, or part of projects, that meet the criteria outlined below.



About BISEE Books


BISEE Books’ objectives are to advance education amongst children and young people through the provision of books, with a view to promoting reading, literacy and a love of books to improve their opportunities, and enhancing global education by the sharing and understanding of cultural similarities and differences.


BISEE Books was set up in memory of Sarah Howard 26, Indira Swann, 18, Emily Sadler, 19, Elizabeth Pincock, 19, and Rebecca Logie, 19, who lost their lives while travelling in Ecuador when their coach struck a lorry loaded with sand on the 12th April 2008. The name takes the first letter of each girl’s first name – Becci, Indira, Sarah, Emily and Elizabeth.



What we fund


Projects that:


▪Contribute to BISEE Books’ objectives in at least one way

▪Address issues relating to children and young people and their communities

▪Involve local people in the design, implementation, and ownership of projects

▪Use innovative approaches to promote an enjoyment of reading and enthusiasm for literacy

▪Are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable



What we don’t fund


▪Any project that does not meet our criteria

▪Projects based in the Galapagos Islands

▪Projects which do not focus on children or young people as the primary beneficiaries

▪Organisations which for any reason are unable to commit to monitoring and evaluation and regular progress reports to BISEE Books on how funding is being used.



Funding application process


We have five stages to assess whether your organisation and project meets our criteria.


Stage 1: You must complete and submit the Stage 1 Application Form, which will be assessed to identify whether your organisation and project meet our general criteria.

Stage 2: If your organisation and project meet these criteria, we will ask you to complete and submit the Stage 2 Application Form. This will require you to supply more details on your proposed project, including a cost breakdown and an overview of the systems in place for monitoring and reporting on the project to BISEE Books.

Stage 3: A decision will be made by BISEE Books’ trustees on whether to fund your project.

Stage 4: A Partnership Agreement will be negotiated, agreed and signed by both parties (see below).

Stage 5: Funding will be released.



More details on the Partnership Agreement


If your application is successful, we ask partners to sign a Partnership Agreement with BISEE Books. We are committed to establishing strong supportive and transparent relationships with our partners, and to ensuring we can be accountable to BISEE Books’ supporters, donors and friends. The Partnership Agreement will provide details of what you can expect from BISEE Books and what we expect from you, including ongoing dialogue and regular progress reports on BISEE Books funded projects.