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Fundraising Events

Dress up for Becci

On 2nd March 150 people attended Dress Up For Becci and raised over £8000 for BISEE Books! Thank you to all those who donated auction items and bought them on the night, and everyone who came to support the event!


Walk the Wall for BISEE Books

Susie runs the Wolf Run

susie wolf run

On 7th April Susie Pincock ran the wolf run; 10K through woods, obstacles, fields and lakes (and plenty of mud!), in aid of BISEE Books and raised a staggering £1336.....Well done Susie!

Thanks to Ruth Manning and Tony Fuller.......

....who both ran the 2013 Paris marathon and raised nearly £1200! Congratulations on all your hard work


Bath Half 2013

A big thank you to Hannah Parsons who ran the Bath Half marathon in March and raised over £320!

St James's School, Bolton

At St. James’s CE High School in Bolton, it is a requirement that pupils and staff must be MAD! That is because at St. James’s MAD stands for Make A Difference. In September 2012 staff and pupils began to raise money for BISEE books to support the amazing work it does in making a difference to the lives of children in Ecuador.  Furthermore, staff at the school are currently training to walk the length of Hadrian’s wall over 5 days during half term to raise more money. St. James’s pupils understand what difference being able to read makes to their lives.  They support BISEE books in its mission to help children in Ecuador to gain freedom and enjoyment from learning to read.


Rob Broadgate Climbs Kilimanjaro

Over 5 days in October 2013 Rob Broadgate and his friend Mohamed climbed Kilimanjaro and were sponsored by friends and family to raise funds for BISEE Books.

Apart from a little altitude sickness, they had an amazing climb, the scenery was incredible and the view of the sunrise at the top simply stunning.  They reached the summit at different times, but Rob managed to get a photo taken wearing his BISEE Books T-shirt. He managed to raise a wonderful £400 for our charity.

Rob kilamanjaro

Taunton School

In June 2013 Lizzie Pincock’s mother Jill was presented with a cheque for £5,000 for BISEE Books from Taunton Senior School Charities Committee.  BISEE Books was one of their named charities for 2013.

We are very grateful for the generous and continued support of our charity by Taunton School.

Jill and cheque at taunton school

In June 2013 Becci’s parents, Robin and Jane Logie were invited to a Masked Ball organised by St George’s Church Dramatic Society, Chorley, to celebrate their centenary.

Becci and her sister Emily were members performing there as children and then doing the lighting when they were teenagers.

It was a lovely event and raised an amazing £500 for BISEE Books for which we are very grateful.

Masked Ball

Masked Ball

John and Max cycle Europe

John Pincock and his friend Max Walker set out on 31st March to cycle 3,500 Km around Europe for 5 weeks to raise funds for BISEE Books.  They covered 13 countries and 7 capital cities - France, Switzerland (Geneva), Italy, Slovenia (Ljubljana), Croatia, Hungary (Budapest), Slovakia (Bratislava), Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany, Holland (Amsterdam), and Belgium.  Then through France back to England.

After an amazing trip and a few adventures on the way, they finally arrived home at the beginning of May and raised a magnificent £640 for BISEE Books.

Fairtrade fortnight at St James's School

In March 2014 St James's School held a fundraising activity for BISEE Books at a World Book Day/ Fair Trade assembly. They had a smoothie bar to link fair trade and BISEE Books.  They made smoothies using fair trade bananas and donated the money they collected to BISEE Books.

Each year on the 11th September, BGC Partners hold a charity day to commemorate their colleagues who died in the World Trade Centre attacks of 9/11. Charity day raises in the region of $10 million each year, and we are delighted that up to £5000 every year since 2013 has been donated to BISEE Books.

BGC Charity Day

Christmas Cards

BISEE Books would like to thank BGC Partners for purchasing our cards for their Christmas Cards this year, raising a staggering £2500!

The families attended 2 assemblies, where they heard about the school’s latest exciting fundraising project for BISEE Books.  Members of staff and their families were going to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall (84 miles) during the May half-term.

The visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all the families who found it a very inspirational and uplifting experience.

St.James  + Logies 006

On 11th April 2013 parents and siblings from all 5 families paid a visit to St James’s School in Bolton where the pupils had been organising various events to raise funds for BISEE Books.  They had even made a model of the BISEE Book Bus in the main hall.


The BISEE families visit St James' School, Bolton

Staff from St James’s School Bolton, gave up their May 2013 half-term holiday to do a sponsored walk along the length of Hadrian’s wall in aid of BISEE Books……that’s a massive 84 miles!  On the last day they were joined by more members of staff and their families. They raised over £1,700 for BISEE Books which is absolutely marvellous.  Their generosity to our charity is overwhelming. They made a photo diary of each day of the walk adding quotes such as the following…..


‘…..When we felt particularly tired someone would always ask, ‘Why are we here?’

and the answer was always ‘For the kids of Ecuador’…..


‘For the children of Ecuador we walked 5 long but fun filled days.  St James’s staff

are fantastic. Thank you to everybody who helped me on my way…..’


‘……every day was dedicated to one of the BISEE girls.  It was an honour to walk

in their memory…'

Wall pic2 Wall pic 1

St James' School Sponsored Walk

Ten members of the Vend-A-Spend team from Years 9,10 and 11 and 6 staff set off to the Yorkshire Dales to do a 10-mile sponsored walk around the Malham area.  This was the idea of Jack Broome in Year 10.  Everyone completed the challenge and raised a magnificent £200 for BISEE Books.  Well done to everyone involved and to Jack for coming up with the idea.

On 3rd October 2014 two of the BISEE families attended a Year 9 Assembly at St James’s School Bolton. Over lunch the pupils chatted to the families. There was also a visit to the new enlarged school shop premises called ‘Vend-A-Spend’, where they sell BISEE cards.

BISEE families visit to St James' School

During Assembly the pupils presented the families with a cheque for £1,737.32 which was the total raised from the Hadrian’s Wall walk.  They also gave an additional £200 raised from the Malham walk and £66 from the sale of BISEE cards. All the families are very grateful for the support and overwhelming generosity St James’s School provides to BISEE Books.  Their slogan is M.A.D – Make A Difference and they certainly do.

St. James Bolton 001