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BISEE Books' Activities

In partnership with Girandula (the Ecuadorian Association of Childrens Books), and with the British School, Quito, BISEE Books works with children in and around Quito, and further afield, who need our help most.

The BISEE Book Bus attended the Maraton del Cuento (Reading Marathon) in Quito over the weekend of 30th May to 1st June 2014. Local children and their parents had the opportunity to go onto the bus and read books, as well as take part in other activities designed to bring the books to life.


Year 12 Students from the British School Quito were on the bus over the weekend to read with the children together with librarian Maggie Novoa. Parents visiting the bus were happy to have the students reading with their children as well as doing artwork.

Maraton del Cuento, Quito

Reading Marathon12 (2)

Interest was expressed by other visitors for the BISEE Book Bus to go to other locations in Quito and further afield.  

Following the Reading Marathon the Bus went to Cuenca for 5 days where it was a great success.  A total of 1,300 children participated in various activities on the bus over the 5 days it spent there.


Click HERE to see more photos from the event

Reading Marathon13 (2)

During the Book Week from 17-21 February 2014 at the British School in Quito (BSQ), the school librarian Maggie Novoa arranged a return visit for the students to the Henry Davis Orphanage.  With funds from BISEE Books she organised a puppet show for the children performed by Teatro Ojo de Agua, following which the BSQ students would help the children to make pictures based on the puppet show presentation.


The children enjoyed the dark and light scenes and words and music of the show and also had a great time afterwards making their own pictures.  This was a wonderful way to develop the children’s imagination and creativity.


Click HERE to see more photos from the event

Puppet Show and Picture Making at the Henry Davis Foundation

Puppet show 2 (2)

As part of their Community Action and Service (CAS) programme, secondary school students at the British School in Quito (BSQ) worked at the Henry Davis Orphanage to create a reading corner for the children and young people who live there. The programme was organised by secondary school librarian Maggie Novoa, who has been so helpful in planning projects funded by BISEE Books.


During the students’ first visit to the orphanage on October 14th 2013, they spent the whole day with the children, playing with them and finding out what they could do to help.


British School Quito Students set up a Book Corner at Henry Davis Foundation for Children

BSQ visit to HD 34 (2) BSQ visit to HD 45 (2)

They were given a small room where they could make a reading corner.  With funds from BISEE Books they bought a carpet, curtains, bookshelves, cushions, books and posters. They returned on 18th November 2013, cleared away some tables and chairs and created a book corner in the empty space using all the items they had purchased. Once it was completed the students spent the rest of the day reading with the children.


Click HERE to see more photos of the Henry Davis Foundation

Trip to Puerto Lopez

On the 7-8th August 2014, the BISEE Book Bus visited Pasquisha and 12 de Octubre schools in Puerto Lopez. The bus was manned by volunteers from Quito, led by Maggie Novoa from the British School, Quito.


The children really enjoyed reading books which were kindly donated by Taunton School. The volunteers then organised art activities to bring the stories to life. A great time was had by all!


More photos from Puerto Lopez can be seen HERE.


Visit to Ecuador/Colombia border

Danielle Children's fund, Ambato

In November, the BISEE Book Bus travelled to the Danielle Children's fund child and family centre in Ambato. Volunteers from the British School, Quito spent the day reading and playing with the children. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


Click HERE to see more photos from the day

The BISEE Book Bus spent a week in October 2014 working with children in San Gabriel, Ecuador and Ipiales, Colombia. With the help of IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) and both the Ecuadorian and Colombian Ministries of Culture, thousands of books were distributed to very poor children of both countries during the visit of the Bus. The children were told the story behind the BISEE Book Bus and why it operates in Ecuador to promote reading and a love of books among these disadvantaged children.


More photos can be seen HERE

Colombia border 3 DCF 9

2016 in the earthquake zones

In the early part of 2016, the BISEE Book Bus made visits to remote and extremely underprivileged parts of Ecuador such as the Central-South sector of Quito, Llano Chico, La Floresta Market, El Ejido Park, the community of San Gabriel in Carchi and Ipiales, in Columbia. The BISSEE Book Bus also played an important role in the Quito Reading Marathon, an event sponsored by Girandula.


Following the earthquake on April 16, 2016, Girandula started working in the hardest hit areas (the provinces of Manabi and Esmeraldas). The BISEE Book Bus was unable to travel to those areas so other forms of transport were used. Ultimately it was decided to sell the BISEE Book Bus during 2016 and another, smaller, vehicle is currently being sought.


At the end of 2016, continuing their work in the earthquake areas, Girandula started on a project to create libraries in Don Juan, Chamanga and Muisne. Apart from monetary donations, Girandula, supported by BISEE, provided books and other resources. In addition a group of Girandula volunteers travelled to the area and conducted workshops for adults and reading activities for the children.

During this time, Girandula established partnerships with various NGO’s that were working in the emergency shelters.

IMG_0990 IMG_1132 IMG_1058 Click HERE to see photos from Don Juan